Jonathan” Jon Jon” Perry, a Savannah GA native, began his music career recording his first song titled “Our year” in downtown Savannah SCAD Recording Studios. After release of his single, an immense amount of peers motivated him to continue to pursue his goal of becoming the next big name in the music industry. He completed his mixtape “My Route to This Money” which led him to opening up for Yo Gotti and networking with other names in the music industry. Like most artist his life took a downslide where he was incarcerated multiple times, all awhile going through a hard breakup, which turned him away from his craft for the next 5 years. He then got over his decline, with the motivation of his close partner also co-artist Tricky who lead them to developed hit singles “Position” “O Dawg”,and “FUN”. Being incarcerated for a second wave, he knew letting go of the streets to focus on his music career was imminent. Jon Jon realized that he sacrificed his life and his heart to people who didn’t care for him, people who wasn’t there for him. There was nothing he could but blame himself for giving his love to them and not receiving the same love back in return. So there was no other option but to learn from his mistakes and move forward to the future. During his rehabilitation period emerged his vulnerable yet powerful melodic hit single, “ Heart $ sale” (Heart for Sale)


Album Name Album Description Link Date
Diffrent Personalities (The Mixtape) 2020


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